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Sunflower oil firm to buy 100,000 tonnes seeds from farmers

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TANZANIA - Sunshine Industrial Limited of Dodoma has assured sunflower farmers in the country a ready market for their produce because it will be buying between 50,000 and 100,000 tonnes of the crop annually from them.

The sunflower oil processor commenced production two months ago and will be using only locally produced raw materials. 

Its General Manager Siddaraje Krishina said that was important because it will also help the country save foreign exchange that would have been used to make importations.

“We have modern equipment and aiming for annual production of 30,000 tonnes of refined sunflower oil and 14,700 tonnes of sunflower cake,” Krishina said in a recent interview.

“We will be buying more from farmers in Dodoma, Singida, Njombe and other regions since our factory requires between 50,000 to 100,000 tonnes of sunflower oil seeds annually,” he told The Guardian after receiving a quality certificate from Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) in Dar es Salaam.

According him, Sunshine Industrial Limited seeks to add value to local produce and enable the economy make foreign exchange savings. It has sought TBC certification because of commitment to produce quality sunflower oil that is competitive, Krishina said.

The US$19.9 million investment is located in the Zuzu area of Dodoma. The company will also be providing farmers with hybrid seeds in order to help improve the quality of the yields.

Krishina applauded the government for creating a conducive environment for investors.

“Our aim is to see a healthy Tanzania, we want to see Tanzanians who can contribute to the economic development of their country but this can only be achieved if they are eating quality and good food,” he said.