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China’s agro-investment in Africa over $700 million

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AFRICA - Co-operation in agriculture between China and Africa has made significant progress since the establishment of the China-Africa Co-operation Forum in 2000.

Trade has seen rapid growth, reaching US$6.1 billion in 2014 from US$600 million of 2001, all while China has invested over US$700 million in agriculture on the African continent.

In addition, China has built 25 agricultural technology demonstration centres in different African countries as well as a series of crop promotion platforms.

China has helped train over 5,000 Africans in agricultural technology and management. The country has also provided practical agricultural guidance and training through trilateral agreements with a dozen African countries, such as Nigeria and Tanzania.

Department of International Co-operation of China’s Ministry of Agriculture director Wang Ying highlighted the fruitful achievements of agricultural co-operation between China and African countries.

In a recent article published by the People’s Daily, Wang writes that such co-operation helps African countries accelerate their agricultural development, strengthen their potential for self-sufficiency and improve their agricultural policy and industrial structure.

African countries offer vast lands and abundant sunshine, while China has technology, capital and market advantages.

Through co-operation, the two sides can make use of respective advantages to generate mutual benefits.

Future co-operation should focus on agricultural capacity building, technological exchange, further investment and trade, and food safety in Africa.