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Novatek Stockfeed ups production

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ZAMBIA - Novatek Stockfeed has posted a 10 percent increase in animal feed production from 118,885 tonnes as at September 30, 2014 due to the rise in demand for the commodity.

The company, which is owned by Zambeef Products and has 90 outlets across the country, has registered 130,279 tonnes of feed as at September 30, 2015.

Zambeef chief executive officer Francis Grogan said Novatek will continue to boost growth by expanding its product range of feed for chickens, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and fish, and also increase its exports.

“Sale of Zambeef’s Novatek stockfeed reached record levels last year as the company continued to gain market share. Novatek has consolidated its position as the best-selling stockfeed in Zambia,” Mr Grogan said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail recently.

Mr Grogan said the economies of scale achieved by Novatek have helped small-scale farmers to compete on equal terms with their commercial counterparts in the supply of livestock as efficiencies and affordability of animal feed have been passed to the consumers.

When more units of a good or a service can be produced on a larger scale, yet with (on average) less input costs, economies of scale are said to be achieved.

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